lafayette hotel san diego wedding – amanda + jay – part two

Amanda & Jay are such a cute couple.

the lafayette hotel san diego wedding photographers vintage retro


Amanda looked so good! The veil, cute retro dress and red lipstick- it was all perfect!

131012_WED_0388_amanda_jaythe lafayette hotel san diego wedding photographers vintage retro

Jay got these awesome new glasses just for the wedding day.

131012_WED_0430_amanda_jay131012_WED_0392_amanda_jay131012_WED_0292_amanda_jaythe lafayette hotel san diego wedding photographers retro vintage

Another one of my many faves- I love how his tie is swinging out.


Cute little Barley joined in for the pics.

131012_WED_0323_amanda_jay131012_WED_0329_amanda_jay131012_WED_0327_amanda_jay131012_WED_0368_amanda_jaythe lafayette hotel san diego wedding photographers131012_WED_0376_amanda_jay131012_WED_0371_amanda_jay131012_WED_0377_amanda_jay the lafayette hotel san diego wedding photographers bride and groom

I love how they had guests sign on one of their engagement photos.


They made beer bottle candles for all the tables since they love craft beer.

131012_WED_0469_amanda_jay131012_WED_0472_amanda_jaysan diego retro weddinglafayette hotel san diego reception

The reception room has this cool clamshell on the stage, which makes an awesome background for the bride & groom.


They had an awesome Day of the Dead cake topper.


The reception was an awesome party.

131012_WED_0671_amanda_jay131012_WED_0697_amanda_jay131012_WED_0701_amanda_jay131012_WED_0709_amanda_jay131012_WED_0719_amanda_jaysan diego lafayette hotel and bungalow wedding reception vintage fun

CONGRATS Amanda & Jay!!!