meet me

First of all, here’s an explanation of my company name:

heidi      (me)
+         photo     (what I do)
+          o     (makes it rhyme)

After finishing my art degree in 2004 at CalPoly San Luis Obispo, I moved down to San Diego and started heidi-o-photo. (I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years that I’ve been in business.) When naming my company I had a bunch of different ideas—heidiphoto, Heidi Photography, Photos by Heidi, etc.—nothing that great. My boyfriend’s last name was Orcino, so he suggested Heidi O Photo—so that if we ever got married, the name would still fit (pretty bold, huh?). As it turns out, we got married in August ’09, I changed my name and am now Heidi O., so it all came together nicely!

I love to create, so when I’m not working as a photographer, I still photograph for fun. I’m also constantly improving our 90 year old North Park home, and the yard re-design and garden are a never-ending project. My husband is an engineer who designs and builds things, so he creates as well—though in a very left-brained sort of way.  We are an odd couple, but we complement each other well. He’s in charge of fixing kitchen appliances while I’m re-arranging the living room.

We have two adorable cats—Toby—orange & white, big and lazy, and Harry—gray & white, and curious. Between their begging for food and cat-fighting they keep us busy.

I live in San Diego, but grew up and have family in the California Bay Area. So, I’m happy to photograph weddings in either place, or really anywhere for that matter.

Thanks for considering me to be your wedding photographer. I look forward to getting to know you better and hearing all about your big day!