my approach & style


More than anything, I want to make a real connection. I’d like to get to know you—and have you know me—so that, on the day of your wedding, we’re more like friends and not just two sides of a business transaction.

To make sure we get there, we’ll spend time together at your engagement session, we’ll chat on the phone and make wedding plans. I want to know what you’re most looking forward to at the wedding and what’s most important to you.  I’ll send you a whole packet of tips & tricks and questionnaires so I can learn all about you and your special day. This may seem like a lot, but it’s all for a good cause—I really care about your wedding experience and want to make sure that you get everything you want out of it. I consider it an honor to be a part of this important event in your life.

When photographing I create a comfortable environment for you. You’ll find at your engagement session that I’ll help you warm up in front of the camera so that your images have a natural feel. My goal is that, on your wedding day, you’ll already be comfortable with me and feel at ease knowing that I’ve got it all handled.


heidi-o-photo is creative, intimate and real.

I love catching natural moments—your real kisses, your real hugs, and your real laughs. But I also LOVE creating beautiful portraits. I’ll find the right backgrounds and beautiful light, and then get you in there to make fun, romantic, and lovely images. I’ll give a bit of direction, but will leave space for you to be you.

I’m interested in you connecting with each other, rather than interacting with me, so many of your photos will be of you looking/chatting/kissing/hugging each other versus looking straight into the camera.

On your wedding day, I’ll be there for all the big events—the vows, the first dance, the toasts—but also the unexpected, quiet moments. To tell the complete story I also photograph the details, like bouquets, handmade favors, wedding bands, and more.

I’m happiest and most at home with natural sunlight. Weddings with a personal style, and venues with character and charm are totally my thing.

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