lyra & paul’s engagement session- downtown san diego

Lyra and Paul are a fabulous fun couple which you’ll see from their photos. Their wedding isn’t until November, but I’m looking forward to it- it’s going to be at the beautiful Quail Botanical Gardens. Despite their session taking place during the 100 degree weekend we had a few weeks ago we came out with gorgeous images. Enjoy!



Now here are the fun pics!!





Lyra, Paul and I stopped for a drink break at Starbucks (to get out of the heat) and while they were in line I was looking through the images on my camera that I had shot. Lyra saw me laughing over at the table, and has been wondering since then what images had made me laugh. Well here they are:

Here’s where Lyra started the “Running Man, ” and Paul just laughed . . .




and she ended the dance with . . .


Now for the serious pictures. . . I love this one- the blur of the trolley.



and I’ll end it with this image- I love her hair and the bamboo blowing in the wind.